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Treat us as if we were your part-time IT Director. We can help you with a full range of technology services.

Our Most Important Service is Availability
We're there when you need us. When your business is having a critical problem, then so is ours. We drop everything to help get you back to where you need to be. All of our service offerings include 24x7 trouble support

Free Virus and Spyware Vulnerability Assessment
We will come in and check your computers for current antivirus software, definitions and Windows Updates. We'll determine if any spyware or adware has infected your systems. We'll also let you know what it will take to clean and secure each computer. Click here.

System Support
We can support and maintain your entire technology infrastructure. We offer troubleshooting, system cleanup, system migration and upgrades, preventative maintenance, software and hardware installation.

Network Design and Support
We'll help you design your network, or to reconfigure it to make it more efficient. We support Microsoft or Novell networks, peer-to-peer to Active Directory, LANs or WANs.

Wireless Networking
We can help you determine whether a wireless network makes sense for your business. We implement secure, private, cost-effective wireless access.

Security and Vulnerability
We will help you develop, implement and maintain a security and vulnerability strategy for your business. We'll implement and support an antivirus software strategy, a software update strategy, intrusion detection systems (IDS), internal and external firewalls, email and web content filtering, anything necessary to secure and protect your business.

Web Site Design and Maintenance
We can help you get your website designed, up and running. Need some one time or regular changes? We'll do that too. Want to spice up your site? Give us a call.

We can get you connected to the Internet. Whether it's as simple as browsing and email, or as complex as you hosting your own web and email servers, we'll help you implement a secure, cost-effective Internet solution. We specialize in VPN's (virtual private network), which will allow secure, authorized remote access to your network from anywhere on the Internet.

Product Procurement and Evaluation
We can help you evaluate and purchase new technologies and software. Buy through us and save the hassle, or take our recommendations and run with them. Whatever suits you.

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